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Polymer Clay Care

 Matte Clay:

If your pieces become dirty with makeup or dust, just clean them using a cotton ball or Q-Tip with nail polish remover.  It will remove a thin layer of the clay and let the pieces clean like new.  This happens when the color of the clay is really light, for example like white.  You can use a wipe too to clean the makeup or any dust.

Resin and Clay:

Use a microfiber towel to clean them. Don’t let any chemicals touch the resin as it can eliminate the transparent shine.

Always Remember:

1. If you’re going to travel or transporting with the pieces, please keep then in a safe box to prevent from damaging.

2. Don’t sleep with the earrings because it will be uncomfortable.

3. Keep jewelry out of children’s reach, it looks like candy and they may try to eat them. Believe me, I’m a mom.

4. The materials of the designs are in the description box of each pieces. For example; Polymer Clay, Resin, and Stainless Steel.

*The material that we use for the POST of the earrings is stainless steel and plastic clear post (for really small earrings) that are allergy-free materials. 

5. To secure your jewelry keep them in a clean and dry place... such as an earrings board or a jewelry box. Don’t let your jewelry in a really hot place or in the sun.

If you have trouble with some pieces, please chat with us or sending us a message through Instagram. We will be happy to help and try to fix the trouble.